Uya titaure ChiShona 3

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Course description

Uya Titaure ChiShona: Level 3 is the third of three levels in the Uya Titaure ChiShona series developed by ZimbOriginal.


Children learn and practice ChiShona vocabulary, language structure, and culture in a fun, interactive and meaningful way.

Course duration

The course will be completed over a period of 12 weeks.

Course features

  • weekly real-time sessions
  • quizzes
  • songs
  • short videos
  • Discovery on culture of vaShona
  • Parent’s Guide for each unit

Who should take the course?

Learners who have completed Uya Titaure ChiShona – Levels 1 and 2, or have some experience with ChiShona.


  • Eager
  • Willing
  • Curious
  • Uya Titaure ChiShona levels 1 & 2, or some experience with ChiShona
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