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What is ZimbOriginal Learn?

ZimbOriginal Learn is an online Shona culture and language learning resource brought to you by ZimbOriginal.

Top 8 reasons you’ll love ZimbOriginal Learn



Through telling real stories from real people, learners can easily relate to the real-world.


Blended approach

Instructor-led courses offered in real-time are supplemented with online resources.
This enriches learning and deepens interactions during real-time sessions.


Broad coverage

The courses incorporate key educational themes covered in the national curriculum while using real-world examples of Shona culture and language.


Cultural awareness

Learners are provided with knowledge and understanding to overcome prejudice and indifference against indigenous and traditional cultural practices.


Embrace heritage

Teaching children their indigenous history, etiquette, language, art, music, food, religion, dance, and more instills a sense of identity.


Experience language

Language and culture are intertwined, hence students will simultaneously interact with language and culture, and grow their vocabulary along the way.



Content is available across all of today’s devices: desktops, tablets, and smartphones.


Unlimited access

Learners have unlimited access to online resources, for use on demand.

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Who is ZimbOriginal Learn for?

A Young Zimbabwean without knowledge on, and struggling to understand and grasp issues and concepts relating to our indigenous culture and languages.

Zimbabwean Parent wondering how best to assist a child who needs help with indigenous culture, languages, and concepts.

An Educator in Zimbabwe who needs to research Shona, Heritage, and culture related assignments, and also needs to put together meaningful, interesting, and interactive lesson plans.

A member of the Zimbabwean Diaspora who cherishes their Zimbabwean heritage and desires to preserve it in an unadulterated form so that it can be passed on to future generations.

A Foreigner or Culture Tourist to Zimbabwe, keen on engaging with the culture – lifestyle, history, art, architecture, religion, and whatever else that has helped shape the way of life of Zimbabwean people.

Just You interested, and curious about languages, culture, customs, and traditions that are indigenous to Zimbabwe.

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